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Olive left us January 24, 2017.  She was a great dog and will be dearly missed by everyone. 

Laura's Massage is located inside the Advanced Engenring Building.  It's a red brick building just off 48th & Antelope Creek. 

Below is the image of the front entrance of the building. 

Suite 150 is located on the first floor of the building. 

  • Massage customized to your needs
  • A broad range of therapeutic services
  • A clean, relaxing environment
  • Personal attention and care
  • Free Pet Therapy from Annie & Apollo!

  Want to learn more about our services?

  Give us a call at 402-499-3927




4630 Antelope Creek  Suite 150

Lincoln NE 68506



Our Location

Laura graduated from Myotherapy Institute November 1, 2000. She now works in her Lincoln office as a licensed and experienced massage therapist and is also nationally certified.

If you are wondering about the hyphen on Laura's name, it's because she married Dimitrios (Jim) Hametis in April of 2012!




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